Wound Care



Recently we’ve noticed a great increase in the number of patients who come to our clinic for wound care.  We have had great success as we care for a variety of wounds, and have developed a full arsenal of treatment.  

Wounds can occur in the foot, ankle, or leg for a number of reasons, including: blisters, abrasions, lacerations, open trauma, surgical wounds, burns, or ulcers resulting from diabetes, vascular disease, or neuropathy, etc.  Prolonged open wounds put patients at risk for infection of the skin or bone.

Recognizing all the signs and symptoms of a good healing wound versus those associated with infection and poor healing is critical. Also, it is important to understand correct management using appropriate wound gels, dressings, compression devices, grafts, surgical debridement, offloading, etc. Tools we use for further evaluation of wounds include x-ray, ultrasound, vascular studies, MRI or CT, bone scans, and cultures.

At the Foot and Ankle Center of Cache Valley, we take satisfaction in being able to offer excellent, comprehensive care for acute and chronic wounds of the lower extremity.

During this time of social distancing we are still treating patients for urgent needs, and wound care falls under that category. As we work with the Wound Care Center in the Cache Valley Hospital, we love seeing patients heal and improve their quality of life!

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