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Customer Service
Customer Service is a number one priority for the patient and the physician. In the event of an insurance payment dispute, our staff will work with you (the patient) and your insurance to resolve it quickly. If the claim requires an appeal or submission of additional information from the doctor’s office, our staff will submit the appeal on behalf of the patient. Any request(s) from a member’s insurance, for information from the member, must be resolved directly by the member/patient.
Collections is possibly the least favorite part of anyone’s job. It is our responsibility to notify a patient, or responsible party, when additional coinsurance, copayments, and/or deductibles are due after insurance has processed the claims. With the ever changing face of insurance, these balances can often be an unforeseen financial burden. Our staff will work with the patient/responsible party to set up a payment plan that will work within their budget.
Options For Coding and Medical Billing, LLC is a third party providing billing and collection services for the Foot & Ankle Center.  We are an extension of your physician’s practice and work on his behalf to provide accurate and efficient billing services.

Our staff maintains national certification for insurance billing and healthcare compliance with continuing education requirements. This assures you and your physician that services are billed to the patient’s insurance in accordance with the guidelines published by the American Medical Association, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and your insurance company.

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