Heel Pain



If you are one of the many people working from home, there’s a good chance you haven’t been wearing shoes...possibly for weeks!  For some people, that isn’t a problem.  But for others it can contribute to severe heel pain.  Heel pain is a common problem, and patients usually complain of severe pain with the first few steps in the morning. Heel pain is often caused by injury to the plantar fascia (the band of tissue supporting the arch of the foot).  When that tissue becomes inflamed, the pain can be debilitating. Treatment options vary:

For those suffering from heel pain, even the simplest of daily activities can be difficult. The good news is that treatment options are effective!  Try these stretching exercises from healthline.com, wear supportive shoes (yes, even at home), and if you’re still hurting give us a call.  Not being able to walk is considered an urgent matter, and we are carefully seeing limited number of patients each day to help them get back on their feet.


While seated, roll your foot back and forth over a frozen water bottle, ice-cold can, or foam roller. Do this for one minute and then switch to the other foot.

Cross one leg over the other for the big toe stretch. Grab your big toe, pull it gently toward you, and hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Do this three times, then reverse and do the same with the other foot.

Fold a towel lengthwise to make an exercise strap. Sit down, and place the folded towel under the arches of both feet. Grab the ends of the towel with both hands, and gently pull the tops of your feet toward you. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, and repeat three times.


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